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Precolumbian Bead

Pre-Columbian Jasper Beads, Lot of 7, Mesoamerica


Pre-Columbian Jasper Beads, Lot of 6, Mesoamerica


Pre-Columbian Black Jade Beads Set of Two, Authentic Central Mexico


Ancient Manteno Pre-Columbian BATMAN Ceramic Spindle Whorl Bead 200 AD - 500AD




Pre-Columbian Mezcala Culture 1 Large Jadite Stone Bead/Pendent Western Mexico


Taino Pre Columbian Brown Stone Anthropomorhpic Pendant Bead Unique Antique


Ancient Manteno Pre-Columbian MONKEY Ceramic Spindle Whorl Bead 200 AD - 500AD


Pre-Columbian Mezcala Culture 2 Jadite Stone Beads/Pendent Western Mexico


Ancient Manabi Pre-Columbian VICUNA Ceramic Spindle Whorl Bead 500BC-500AD Ecuad




Rare_PRE-COLUMBIAN Stone Ear Spool Flare Bead_10.5 x 13.8mm


PRE COLUMBIAN Jade Ear Spool_Bead_ 12.2 x 19.3mm


Large Pre-Columbian Green Black Jade Rock Bead, Authentic from reputable dealer


PRE-COLUMBIAN_Carved Jade Stone Pectoral Bead_10 x 26.2 x 16.6mm


Pre-Columbian Green Stone Spacer Bead Collection over 40 Beads, Costa Rica


MLC S3534 28” Pre-Columbian Sand Stone 18 Bead Necklace Artifact From Americas


Pre-Columbian Blue Jade Duck Bill Pendant Bead, Nicoya Costa Rica,


Pre-Columbian Dark Green Jade Avian Pendant Bead, Nicoya, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Jade Bead, Central America, Authentic, Rare


PRE COLUMBIAN Greenstone Pendant Shaped Bead_Top Drilled_28.6 x 12.9 x 10.3mm


PRE-COLUMBIAN Green Jade Stone_Elongated Nugget Bead_28.7 x 14.5 x 8mm


Pre-Columbian Blue Jade Bead, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Green Jade Tubular Pendant Bead, Authentic, Costa Rica


Pre-Columbian Blue Jade Pendant Bead, Pre-Columbian, Central America


Awesome Precolumbian jade bead - heavy!


Pre-Columbian Bead Collection 50 Beads, Round Carved Beads, Rare, Costa Rica


Pre-Columbian Clay Bead Collection, Set of 6, Clay Disc Beads, Clay Round Beads


Pre-Columbian Mayan Carved Tubular Bead, Mayan Green Jade


Pre Columbian Stone Bead Necklace


PRE COLUMBIAN Green Stone Jade Bead_Chunky Nugget_21.4 x 20 x 10.8mm


Pre-Columbian Chimu Pendant Disc Bead Necklace


Pre-Columbian Blue Jade Axe Pendant Bead, Costa Rica Nicoya


Pre-Columbian Blue Jade Tubular Bead, Nicoya Costa Rica Jade, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Avian Pendant Bead, White Green Jade, Nicoya, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Jade Coatimundi Carved Pendant Bead, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Moche Copper - Copper Bead Collection, Set of 21


Pre-Columbian Mezcala Culture 3 Jadite Stone Beads from Western Mexico


Pre-Columbian Moche Copper Bird Bead


Pre-Columbian Mezcala Culture 5 Jadite Stone Beads from Western Mexico


Pre-Columbian Peruvian Chimu Pendant Disc Bead Necklace


Authentic Pre-Columbian Carved Jade Face Bead, Very Rare, Nicoya Costa Rica


Pre-Columbian Avian Pendant Bead, Nicoya, Blue Green Jade, Authentic


Pre-Columbian Chavin Bead Collection, Set of 5, Jade and Lapis


Pre-Columbian Snake Pendant Effigy Bead, Authentic