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Blend Of Vitamins And Minerals Helps Protect Brain From Aging

Scientists have discovered a dietary supplement containing thirty vitamins and minerals that has shown excellent anti-aging properties. The group of vitamins and minerals has been shown to prevent, and reverse, the loss of brain cells. It is hoped that the supplement can one day help prevent age-related illnesses. Vitamins B, C and D are included in the formula, as well as folic acid and green tea extract. These are all readily available to the general public. The next phase is to test the supplement on humans to see if the results are similar to those in mice.

Newswise — A dietary supplement containing a blend of thirty vitamins and minerals—all natural ingredients widely available in health food stores—has shown remarkable anti-aging properties that can prevent and even reverse massive brain cell loss, according to new research from McMaster University.
It’s a mixture scientists believe could someday slow the progress of catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s.
“The findings are dramatic,” says Jennifer Lemon, research associate in the Department of Biology and a lead author of the study. “Our hope is that this supplement could offset some very serious illnesses and ultimately improve quality of life.” has the full article for you to read here.