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New Evidence To Support Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity

An international team of scientists have found new evidence to support Einstein's theory of general relativity. Data from the Fastsound Survey (a survey which looks at the redshift of galaxies) has been used to analyse the velocities and clustering of more than 3000 distant galaxies. Since the theory of general relativity holds it provides further support for the theory that the universe's expansion can be explained by a cosmological constant, such as proposed by Einstein. The results took 12 years to be finalised.

To test Einstein’s theory, a team of researchers led by Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics (Kavli IPMU) Project Researcher Teppei Okumura, Kavli IPMU Project Assistant Professor Chiaki Hikage, University of Tokyo Department of Astronomy Professor Tomonori Totani, and together with Tohoku University Astronomical Institute Associate Professor Masayuki Akiyama and Kyoto University Department of Astronomy Associate Professor Fumihide Iwamuro and Professor Kouji Ohta, used FastSound Survey data on more than 3000 distant galaxies to analyze their velocities and clustering.

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