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Research News aims to provide the latest news from the world of science. This site is not dedicated to one specific area of science, but rather many different disciplines. This site is still under development so please excuse any technical errors that you may encounter.

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New Method To Simulate Prehistoric Movement

Scientists in Mumbai, India, have developed a new technique to simulate the movement pattern of prehistoric people. The method uses modern topographical satellite data. The simulation was applied to England, Scotland and Wales. The results are very similar to the ...

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The Effect Of Climate Change On Primates

Six new fossil species have been found in southern China that give scientists an insight into the effect of climate change on primates. The remains found are of primates that lived in the Ecocene-Oligocene transistion period, about 34 million years ...

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Supermassive Black Hole Detected At Centre Of NGC 1332

At the centre of galaxy NGC 1332 sits a supermassive black hole 660 million times the mass of our Sun. The galaxy and its black hole are located about 73 millon light years from Earth. The observations and calculations were ...