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Research News aims to provide the latest news from the world of science. This site is not dedicated to one specific area of science, but rather many different disciplines. This site is still under development so please excuse any technical errors that you may encounter.

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Bacterial Group Pelagibacterales Plays Important Role In Atmosphere

Pelagibacterales are found in abundant numbers in the Earth's oceans, and they play an important
role in keeping the Earth's atmosphere stable. Their importance lies in the fact that they produce an essential gas called dimethyl sulfide. The latter assists ...

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New Evidence To Support Einstein's Theory Of General Relativity

An international team of scientists have found new evidence to support Einstein's theory of general relativity. Data from the Fastsound Survey (a survey which looks at the redshift of galaxies) has been used to analyse the velocities and clustering of ...

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How The Zika Virus Damages Brain Cells

In a first, scientists have been able to determine one of the ways the Zika virus infection damages developing brain cells in fetuses. The Zika virus appears to activate a molecule called TLR3 that is normally used to defend against ...