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Research News aims to provide the latest news from the world of science. This site is not dedicated to one specific area of science, but rather many different disciplines. This site is still under development so please excuse any technical errors that you may encounter.

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Tidal Pull By Another Object Could Explain Cracks On Moons

Previously the consensus was that the cracks that formed on icy moons such as Charon, are the result of geodynamical activity, plate tectonics for example. A model developed by University of Rochester scientists provides us with a different cause of ...

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In The Future LED Light May Help In Locating Tumors

A system developed by chemist Bruce Weisman may one day be used to locate cancer tumors that are tagged by anti-body linked carbon nanotubes. How human tissue absorbs short-wave infrared light depends on the wavelength of the incoming light. By ...

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Earth's Ring Current Behaves Differently Than Previously Thought

The electrical current that energetic ions carry around the Earth behaves very differently from what was previously thought. NASA's Van Allen probes have observed a difference in behaviour between high energy protons and their lower energy counterparts. Previous studies concluded ...